Human, 6"1', early fourties, thick sandy blonde hair, rough features and scarred face


Fighter 4 / Ranger 2
HP: 48
AC: 19

carrys Longbow and greatsword

After returning from the Plane of Faerie, Owen and Eve left to follow a clue as to how to return Eve to her original form.


Owen grew up in a small farming village in the hills of Geoff. Outsiders were extremely rare, except for a few merchants and craftsmen who made their traveling between remote communities and peddling their wares. He grew up and became a farmer as well as relatively successful hunter, took a wife and raised a family, very content in his hard but simple life.

Until the giants came…

Few people escaped the village, one of the first encountered by the invading army. Most were killed, more were taken prisoner. Owen and those few who escaped joined the army, with little to live for but revenge and taking back their land from the invaders. Now, Owen is alone; nearly everyone that he knew survived has since been killed, and any who remain have fled. He has endured more than he thought possible, but continues to be driven to fight and to reclaim the land taken from his people. He is not driven by revenge, and knows that he can never go back to the life he once considered perfect, but has no choice but to try to push back the giants and reclaim what was once his.


The Salvation of Geoff vonmolkew