Gwenllian the Eglantine

Arch Druidess of Geoff


Gwenllian is beautiful, and her time on the plane of Faerie has left her voluptuous and somewhat otherworldly. There is something wild and untamed about her. She has long brown hair that reaches to her waist and grey eyes


Gwenllian the Eglantine is the daughter of Lluth the Brenin, the father of Owen, the current Brenin. Gwenllian was anointed the Archdruidess of Gyruff in late CY 592 and was present for the beginning of the assault on Gorna in CY 593.
Gwenllian was initially raised for a life as a bride to cement an alliance with one of powers in the Sheldomar Valley. After the death of her elder brother Elidyr in CY 556, her life altered drastically. Owen was summoned from the Stark Mounds, and she was sent to the Isle of Rhun to study with the druids. Her whereabouts were unknown from that time until her ascension as Archdruidess in CY 592. It has since been rumored that she was returned from Faerie by a band of heroes. Since becoming Archdruidess, she has actively supported her brother’s efforts to liberate Geoff, and was seen by many at the Second Battle of Gorna riding into battle upon a great bronze dragon.

Gwenllian the Eglantine

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