Calisse Skotti

The Brenines, wife of Owen, Brenin of Geoff


Born in CY 575 as the fourth and youngest daughter of Kimbertos Skotti, King of Keoland, Calisse had known for most of her life that a dynastic marriage would be her most likely fate. Still, she was taken by surprise when her father informed her in late CY 591 that he had promised her hand in marriage to Grand Duke Owen. The difference in their ages and Owen’s status as a landless exile were more than sufficient to give her pause. Still, as a dutiful daughter, she acceded to her father’s wishes and accepted Owen’s suit. They were married in Niole Dra on the 7th day of Richfest, CY 592. The wedding was not without drama, as rumors circulated of at least one attempt of the life of the Princess. As a dowry, King Kimbertos promised troops to form a Keoish Army of Reclamation to assist in the campaign to liberate Gyruff.
After the wedding, Calisse returned with Owen to Hochoch for her formal investiture as Brenines, or Grand Duchess, and by all accounts what began as a dynastic marriage blossomed into a true love affair. While Owen concentrated his efforts on the Army of Liberation and the coming assault on Gorna, Calisse ably represented him in domestic matters. Her standing at court increased even more when it was announced that she was with child. The birth of her son, Rhys, in the late summer of CY 593, gave Owen an heir of his body and seemed to cement Calisse’s authority.
However, shortly after proclaiming Rhys his son and heir, Owen departed on his quest for new allies. Many, perhaps even most, Gyri perceived this as an abandonment by their leader. Calisse’s position at court was seriously undermined. Less than 2 months later, she was attending the feast at Llwyr Bedwyn’s estate when it was attacked by devils. She escaped to the assumed safety of Caer Dwr Gwyldy, but the castle itself was also attacked. Almost immediately thereafter, it was announced that Calisse and Rhys had sought sanctuary amongst the Druids at the Isle of Rhun. Neither has been seen since.
Calise Skotti is a lovely woman, who just turned twenty-years old, with honey blonde hair and striking green eyes. She is determined, intelligent, and well-schooled in the ways of the Keoish Court, but still learning about the culture of Geoff. She is known to have some ability as a spell-caster.


Calisse Skotti

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