The Salvation of Geoff

Winter of Discontent

Almost two months had past since the battle near Hochoch took place. The party returned to the city, tired and dejected. Upon arriving, Gault met them at the White Stag Inn with a message for Eve. An old associate of theirs (Eve and Owen) had discovered a possible way to reverse the Reincarnation making her a half-ogre. Eve and Owen took their leave, promising one day to return and help further the cause of reclamation. Oxyl spent some time with the Owl’s Talons, learning what he could about the Marcher occupation. Also during this time, they met up with their friend Gellak Vauth and Kerig Cresia, the cleric of St. Cuthbert, members of The Keepers of The Red Banner. Gellak was interested to hear what adventures the group had had since he left them to put the Red Banners back together. They also introduced a couple of newly arrived to Hochoch members of the church of St. Cuthbert, Krysarth and Voidvode. The two quickly earned their place at the table and were ultimately asked to join the group officially by Halladorn.

One cold evening, marred by a sleet storm, the party was sitting around the fire at The White Stag when they were approached by an older but very charismatic man who asked if he might speak with them in private. He revealed himself to be Ogwyn the Knowledgeable, an associate of Calisse Skotti. It was she that sent him to find the party, as they were the only people in Hochoch she could trust. He asked them to meet with her at the Zenith of The Sun, the great temple to Pelor in Hochoch, an hour after he leaves them. They cautiously agreed.



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