The Salvation of Geoff

The story so far.....

For approximately the past year of CY591, the party consisting of the cavalier Halladorn, the sorcerer/monk Stannislau Grigor, and the dwarf fighter/rogue Oxyl have been working for the liberators of Geoff. They have – in the past – adventured with Rhain of Geoff (a half-elf Witch), Arawn (a slightly agitated human Inquisitor of Pholtus), and Valil (an elf Ranger). Currently with the group is Randal Quade (a human Druid obsessed with fire), Badger (a halfling Cleric of Obad-Hai) and the barbarian Gellak Vauth, who is with the group trying to locate his adventuring party, The Red Banners.

The group has so far been on a couple treks into the Bloody Ridge area, and one long-range intel-gathering expedition that took them to the towns of Hocholve and Midwood. During their first adventure into the Bloody Ridge, they stumbled across a half-destroyed and deserted temple of Tharizdun, which did not appear to have been abandoned for more than a decade or so. Their long-range adventure west took them to the hamlet of Gwathsir, a small elven/human settlement abandoned during the first invasions. They succeeded in making contact with Darlon Lea, and Dorindel, two of the more important players in the liberation. They also brought back infomation that a rogue Fog Giant named Ghanadar has been caring for the village of Midwood and has kept the population mostly alive and protected from the leaders of the giants.



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