The Salvation of Geoff

The Plane of Faerie

The fight near Hochoch started out well for the group, but turned sour quickly. Attacking a command group of the giant army, the party had great difficulty. A couple of them went down and another 2 or 3 were near to exhaustion and death. At that moment, a strange thing occurred. The party all saw a kind of portal open and sweep over them, drawing them into a parallel dimension. All six of them (Groa and Hirath were not taken) awoke from a dream and were sent on a quest by the Archdruidess Gwenllian to gather together the components to make the seed of the Greenman, the faerie spirit of the land of Geoff. Given further instructions on the plane by a fey named Swift, they gathered the Crown – a wreath of thorn and flower, the Chalice made of gold and an Apple from the Summer Tree – one side ever green and blooming, the other ablaze with a passionately burning fire. They brought the pieces together and returned them to the Archdruidess, whereupon she created the Seed. The party was then passed through another portal, where they were told to lead The Hart to the Table Made of Stone. Along the way they discovered the Hart was actually Owen, the Brenin himself! Their hope turned quickly to dismay as they learned that the Brenin intended to sacrifice himself to the land, so that the Greenman may once again live in Geoff. As the sacrifice began, Owen’s wife Calisse Skotti of Keoland arrived to try to stop her husband from ending his life, leaving her and their newborn son Rhys to deal with the aftermath. The party was barely successful in convincing her to let the druids do their work. Afterword, the Archdruidess and the Breniness asked the party not to tell anyone what had happened. A story has since been concocted that Owen left to travel north in search of allies to help end the giant invasion. Official decrees left Siera Blackblade as the regent until Rhys was old enough to assume the position of Brenin. With heavy hearts, they agreed. As they turned to head back to Hochoch, the same portal opened and swept over them, returning them to the very second they left the battle with the orc command group. Only they returned strong and fully healed. They quickly dispatched the command, which helped spread chaos throughout the humanoid lines. The battle ended sometime soon after that. It was then that they returned to Hochoch, joyful that the battle had been won, but saddened with the knowledge that the one man capable of reuniting the lands of Geoff had died, leaving an uncertain future.



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