The Salvation of Geoff

Much, much later

lazy turned into really lazy, turned into a year has gone by since the last update. Much has happened and changed…..

I’ll quickly sum up what has happened since the group entered Pregmere

Having entered the town and scouted it out, the party discovered that the towns human inhabitants were working on organizing a revolt against the fire giants, but just needed some help. They met up with the defacto leader of the slaves, a Cleric of Pholtus named Flerd Trantle. They learned quite a bit about the situation in town and what was really going on. It turns out the hill giants wanted to leave and head back home after originally taking taking the town but the fire giants, lead by Ulfrun, refused to let them go. They ultimately ended up in a worse position than the humans: they are the “muscle” used to grow crops. The group also found out a temple to Surtur is under the town, set up there by the fire giants. As they were preparing to work on starting the revolt, the party found out the humanoid armies outside of town were gathering to head toward Hochoch with the intent of retaking the city. They abandoned the planned uprising, promising to return at a later time. The group got word back to Hochoch and headed out ahead of the giant-lead army. They arrived a couple days ahead of the main body, and were assigned to a Wolf Pack – a small commando-like group that harasses the enemy from the sides and from behind. The leader of their Wolf Pack was Hirath Telobar, a native of The Gran March and mounted combat expert. They left Hochoch quickly thereafter and went to harass the army as it approached the city. They attacked and destroyed a group of orcs, ogres and hill giants cutting down trees to use as rams on the city gates, then intercepted a command group consisting of an orc fighter (F8), a half-orc fighter/cleric (F2/C4), and orc wizard (W6), a frost giant, a troll and 4 orc bodyguards. The fight did not go well…..



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