The Salvation of Geoff

Information that has been gathered to date

  • Have found and been accepted into Argel-ys-Aberva, an outpost in the Dim Forest where they typically have been striking out from. They have made a favorable impression on Cuthalion Strongbow, the de-facto leader of Argel and the First Ward of the Olwythi, the Rangers of Geoff
  • upon returning from their first trek to the Bloody Ridge, the party was attacked by three “humans” – who appeared similar to forms that can be taken by Shadow-Dancers. It was confirmed during their discussions with Darlon Lea at Hocholve that there appears to be a Shadow Dragon in the town of Derelion who appears to be putting an army of Shadow-creatures together, but for as of yet unknown purposes.
  • Dorindel, the druid who lives near Hocholve, has discovered a plant the elves call Straffern, that has a horrible affect on giants – it actually kills them by turning them into masses of fern-like vegetation. He has not figured out how to move it, as it dies quickly when exposed to sunlight or is dug-up from the ground it grows in.
  • the Fog Giant, Ghanadar, replaced an ogre chieftain named B’gorguul, who was terrorizing the inhabitants of Midwood. He killed the local Arglwyth Talvan of Midwood’s wife right in front of his son, Maldwyn. Since killing the ogre and the accompanying fog giants, Maldwyn has sworn vengeance against the giant, his father and the party. He has specific knowledge that could be used against the town were he to be able to convince the giants that something is up.



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