The Salvation of Geoff

Getting Up to the Present

Having dispatched the Death Knight Rezinar, the group passed away the rest of the winter in Hochoch. As Spring broke, Oxyl determined he wanted to attempt a foray to his home, Deepholm. The dwarves there had not been heard from in almost 10 years and he was most anxious to see if they still lived there and what became of his relatives. As Pregmere was on the way, the group thought it best to stop there and check on the progress Flerd Trantle had made in organizing the humans there to revolt. They made quick progress to the town and easily slipped in to visit with the defacto leader. Flerd explained some of the goings on and that now seemed as good a time as any to begin the revolt attempt. Plans were laid out that included releasing a small number of the hill giant slaves. That accomplished the revolt began. Fire giants were dispatched to gather back up the escapees. A third trailed behind and it was he that the party first struck. They then moved to cover the building that housed the giant leader Ulfrun. They ambushed him and a couple of others, while at the same time Trantle’s men began taking down some of the giants within the town: evident by the large elemental that towered over the building to the northwest. Ulfrun and party took some time to dispatch with no little damage taken. Trantle came around the corner of a building along with many followers, dejected by the losses but happy that most of the giants were down. Flerd recommended that now might be a good time to go underground to investigate the possible Temple to Surtur and the priest that might dwell there. The party carefully made their way down the shaft cut into the earth and came upon what was feared: a large temple to Surtur along with an enormous and very angry fire giant, one Talok by name. The fight that ensued was a nasty one, but the party again prevailed. In the middle of the chamber was a huge firepit containing what appeared to be a casket of some sort in the middle. They soon figured out that the giants were keeping something of great importance: The Tear of Corellon, an ancient elven artifact lost during the initial invasion into the Oytwood. Returning to the surface, the party was surprised by a group of human attackers. These men wore the symbol of Hextor. It seemed the giants had now gained evil mercenaries in the quest to permanently control the country of Geoff. They dispatched these as well and under Flerd Trantle’s recommendation, fled toward the Oytwood with all haste to deliver the artifact back to the elves. Flerd knew that they would be needed in the battles to come if the forces of good were to prevail over the long occupation. Flerd would handle the escape of the rest of the humans to safety and bid them good luck.



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