The Salvation of Geoff

Escape from Pregmere

No sooner had the group left Pregmere, they were set upon by a group of warg-riding goblins. They chased the party all the way to the Oytwood, where our intrepid heroes planned to make a stand. But the goblins refused to follow them in – probably worried about elvish retribution. The party camped overnight to rest and heal wounds before heading off to Tauremiruvor, the home of the elves in the Oytwood. Late that evening, a small group of elves stepped quietly into the encampment and explained that they knew the party carried the Tear of Corellon, and that they were sent to retrieve it. Going both on their own instincts and the recommendation from Flerd Trantle that they trust absolutely no one until they arrived at the elven village, the party respectfully declined to part with the artifact. The elves were most displeased to hear this and as much as threatened the party when they told them “thou hast a long way to go.” Just before they made to leave the following morning, another group of elves entered the camp. They explained that there were two factions of elves: one wanted to completely isolate themselves from the rest of the world, and the other who felt duty bound to help their long-time neighbors from Geoff. Several hours into their trek to Tauremiruvor, the party was set upon by arrows and magical spells from a source no known. Then as quickly as the attack started, it ended, with creatures retreating into the forest around them. Then no more than an hour later, a true attack began, with elves firing arrows and casting spells. This must be the group that tried to talk the party out of the Tear. The party returned fire and the fight was on! They battled for several rounds with the elves in the trees when a loud voice cried out “It is carried by the halfling! Get the Halfling!!” Crashing out of the underbrush was a mixed group of mercenaries, many wearing the sigil of a fist clutching wicked arrows: Hextorites! The mercenaries had followed them from Pregmere! Maybe that was why the goblins refused to enter the forest. The mercenary group was comprised of a sorcerer (S6), a Fighter/ Fist of Hextor (F5/FoH3), a cleric of Hextor (C4), a bard (B4), and a Fighter/Cavalier (F6/C2). The elven force was a wizard (W8), two ranger/deepwood snipers (R6/DWS2), and 4 rangers (R4). The fight became a three-way engagement, every group for itself. Badger, carrying the Tear, was ultimately brought down unconscious, but his war-dog mount bolted with him from the battle into the forest, foiling the attempts of the other two parties to relieve him of the artifact. Several rounds later, the Hextorites were vanquished and the elves once again melted into the forest. The tired, wounded party finally arrived at the elven village, and after a few tense moments of discussion, were relieved to find the elves would in fact assist in the reclamation of Geoff, in no small part due to the party’s actions in retrieving the Tear of Corellon for them. The elven leaders apologized for the actions of their kin, and sent a large escort to help them make it out of the Oytwood unharmed. The party left the forest with no desire to return to it quickly…..



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