The Salvation of Geoff

A long time summing up....

It has been a vast amount of time since the last post, mostly due to finally getting the Obsidian Portal upgrade that I Kickstarted back in April.

so here goes…….

The party agreed to help get Calisse Skotti out of Hochoch, but it took some doing. They were accosted by a tiefling assassin and a group of thugs allied with Bedwyn the Fat, the Llwyr of Arweth, who felt he should have been put in charge of Geoff instead of Lady Sierra Blackblade while the Brenin was away gathering more allies for the fight against the giants. They succeeded in getting Calisse out with her infant son Rhys, after a fight with several Bone and Bearded Devils brought up by an as-of-yet unknown female entity known only as The Lady. They escaped to The Isle of Rhun on the other side of Geoff near the mountains – a place well protected by the Druids who wish to preserve Geoff’s way of life without Marcher interference.

The group spent much of a fairly harsh winter in Hochoch, recovering from their adventures of the past year. One evening while relaxing at the White Stag, they were presented with a tattered flag bearing the symbol of an ancient order of knights: The Knight Protectors of The Great Kingdom. Painted over it in what appeared to be blood was the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye: EEE.jpg
Sent by the local constable, they eventually discovered that the Death Knight, Sir Rezinar of Haxx, was wandering the Sheldomar Valley in his endless quest to gather an army to return in glorious triumph to The Great Kingdom.
They accosted Rezinar in a vale north of Hochoch during a driving winter storm. He first sent his minions at the party: a group of trolls, worgs, winter wolves and a frost giant. They dispatched them with a bit of difficulty, then spoke to Rezinar at some length, mostly of how he come under the sway of the Elder Elemental Eye (they learned nothing). He was impressed by the party’s skill in combat and wished for them to join him in his quest to restore The Great Kingdom. The party dismissed this outright as Krysarth lead the charge to destroy the evil thing outright. The fight did not go particularly well but ultimately they prevailed.
Just after the fight ended, a lone figure appeared through the snow and ice – a knight of some sort given his demeanor and dress: Sir Ogmund Einrik. He explained that he watched the fight from afar, judging the skill of the party, in particular Krysarth. He explained the history of Rezinar and also gave them some idea as to the value of the things Rezinar carried. He recommended the Crown and Ring he wore be returned to the Knights at some point….he would make contact with those interested and send word to Hochoch at some time in the future as to the actual offer. (see Sir Rezinar of Haxx) Rezinar’s sword was ultimately destroyed by the temple of Pelor with great ceremony. Einrik also mentioned before he left that Krysarth would be watched and — if things fell into proper place — at some time in the future he might be asked to join the Knight Protectors.



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